Singles Ministry
The Single’s Ministry exists to impact the life
of single adults of our church and the
community and beyond by transforming them
into fully devoted followers of Christ.
Christian Fellowship Church
The Lazarus Ministry is a dedicated to bringing  
hope to the hopeless; caring for the widowed and
orphans; restoring dignity by developing a
relationship with the individual;  giving to help
with the immediate needs of the desperate and
destitute individuals. We believe in mutual
connection and responsibility for one another.
Whether we serve or are served, when we choose
to be with those at the margins we are all
changed in meaningful ways. We have seen from
experience that it is in relationship that our
physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met.
Evangelism The Evangelism and Outreach
Ministry exists to go out and spread the Gospel
of Jesus Christ in our communities; to reach
unsaved people who have not accepted Jesus
Christ as their personal savior. This is based on
the biblical perspective that sharing our faith is an
integral part of our life in Christ.
Youth and Children’s Ministry
young children with a series of opportunities,
This Ministry exists to provide our youth and
experiences, and activities to give young
people a chance to participate in church life,
This Ministry exists to provide our youth and
develop their own faith, share their gifts and
apply Christianity to every area of their life.
The Women At the Well is the women’s Ministry of All Nations Christian
Fellowship. We exist to build a community of godly women; to uphold,
encourage, and challenge ALL women in their daily walk as disciples of
•     Mentor and disciple women of the church, helping them to grow
•     Uplifting Christ in the church and in the world.
•     Foster spiritual growth and renewal among women;
•     Equip women for service in the church;
•     Minister to the broad spectrum of women's needs across the life span
being sensitive to multi-cultural and multi-ethnic perspectives;
•     Liaise and cooperate with other specialized departments of the church
for the development and growth of the church;
•     Encourage bonds of friendship, support for service, and the creative
exchange of ideas and information;
•      Challenge each woman to use her gifts to complement the talents of
others as they work side by side to further the global mission of the Church.
Man Power (The Men's Ministry) exists to
build a community of Godly men; to promote
total unity of family and brotherhood; and to
represent the image and display the character
Couples Ministry
The Couples Ministry provides Christian context and
insights for couples who are committed to building
and maintaining Christian homes. The couple’s
ministry is also designed to provide a time for couples
to come together for fellowship, and faith building
opportunities. This ministry brings married couples
together as a focal point of enhancing a better marital
relationship by spiritually becoming one flesh
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    9:00-10:00 AM

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    Mid-week Services / Bible


    Miracle, Healing and
    Deliverance Service
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Monthly Bible Fellowship and meeting
The Praise & Worship Team leads the
congregation in songs of praise, hymns of
celebration, and meditation during weekly services
and other gatherings.
The Dance Ministry is a unique and God ascribed dance
(Ps. 150:3-5) which glorifies God by communicating the
divine message of the good news of Jesus Christ through
dance. It is a physical expression of our acknowledgement
of Him (Ps. 150:2; Col. 1:16) and our relationship with
Him in joy and gladness (Ps. 22:3; Ps. 30:11; Zeph. 3:17).
Hospitality Ministry is the face of the Body of Christ
to those God sends your way. They also help to make
our guests feel the love of God by truly welcoming
them into God’s house through friendly and
authentically gracious service.
The Media Ministry supports all activities
within the body of the church and provides
assistance to all activities that bring the
church body together in services, celebration,
fellowship and special events. They play an
important role in communicating the gospel in
a dynamic way.  
The ministries of the church involve broad areas of work in the church (from administrative functions and studies to
services that meet responsibilities of the church); strengthening and equipping every member to get them involved in
all areas of the work of the church as disciples of Christ.